Dear Lord, we ask for your help and protection in starting our business together.  You are our strongest ally, and our best partner.  Please join us in this new venture so that we may succeed.  For us, our family and the customers we will serve. Grant us your wisdom and guidance, your powers of good judgment, inspiration, and motivation.  We ask for direction and the resources to succeed.  Grant us your wisdom and guidance and keep our intentions clear so that we may stay focused on our goals and our business may reap honest rewards for the benefit of all in Your Heavenly name. Thank you Lord! Amen.

- Work from Home   - NO Selling    - NO Inventory   - NO Party Plan    - NO Risk!

  • Women are 5 TIMES MORE SUCCESSFUL than men working from home.

  • A new woman GOES INTO BUSINESS FOR HERSELF every 60 seconds.

  • Women are LEAVING CORPORTATE AMERICA at twice the rate of men.

  • More new mothers today are NOT RETURNING TO THEIR CAREERS. (reversing a 25 year trend).

       Over 5.4 million women put their careers on hold to stay home with children.  - U.S. Census Bureau.

       We have found the secret for helping Moms stay home with their children and be there  
       for their families.      
       Women today can be Stay at Home Moms and Successful Business Leaders.
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